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Levy was appointed director. The label had known ties to New York City mobsters. Goldner subsequently bowed out of his partnership interest in Roulette and, to cover his gambling debts, sold his record labels Tico, Rama, Gee and — years later roulette ball name End and Gone to Levy, who grouped them into Roulette.

They co-founded Avco Records in In Roulette took over the catalog of Jubilee Records. During the early s Roulette issued a number of hits connected roulette ball name the twist dance craze, most notably " Peppermint Twist " by Joey Dee and the Starliters.

The hour-long show, recorded in the US by disc jockey Jack Spectorwas to be broadcast five evenings a week. Levy was the key financial backer here the rap music label Sugar Hill Recordswhich was founded roulette ball name by the husband-and-wife team Joe and Sylvia Robinson.

Sugar Hill released the roulette ball name Top 40 rap single, " Rapper's Delight ", in In the early s the Robinsons bought Levy out. Following the acquisition, Rhino and EMI began issuing large royalty checks to former Roulette artists.

Tommy James recalled that his checks were in amounts in six or seven digits. Roulette was see more for not paying royalties to its artists, who had to rely on concerts and personal appearances for their income.

It was one of the units of Parlophone that Universal Music was required to sell roulette ball name Warner Music Group to comply with international regulators.

The Roulette Birdland Series of 12 inch LPs commenced in and consists of album releases over 10 years. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Reed International Books Ltd. Roulette Album Discography, Part 3accessed November 10, Retrieved from " https: Pages using infobox record label with unknown parameters Articles with hCards.

Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 28 Octoberat By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Playmates, The The Playmates. Wechsler, Moe Moe Wechsler. Knox, Buddy Buddy Knox. Bowen, Jimmy Jimmy Bowen. Alden, Bonnie Bonnie Alden. Jerome, Henry Henry Jerome Roulette ball name. Radio City Music Hall Orchestra.

Glenn, Tyree Tyree Glenn. Donegan, Dorothy Dorothy Donegan. Tyle, Roulette ball name Ted Tyle. Bailey, Pearl Pearl Bailey. Lymon, Frankie Frankie Lymon. Martin, Kay Kay Martin. Berle, Milton Milton Berle.

Diamond, Leo Leo Diamond. Rodgers, Jimmie Jimmie Rodgers. Pastor, Tony Tony Pastor and Orchestra. Hayton, Lennie Lennie Hayton. The Long Hot Summer Soundtrack. North, Alex Alex North.

Tyle, Ted Ted Tyle Orchestra. Mardigian, Hank Hank Mardigian Sextet. Niven, David David Niven. Southern, Jeri Jeri Southern. Coleman, Roulette ball name Emil Coleman. Lamas, Fernando Fernando Lamas.

Morales, Noro Noro Morales. Carr, Valerie Roulette ball name Carr. Kara, Peter Peter Kara Orchestra. Angeli, Pier Pier Angeli. Maya, Canta Canta Cash betfair 50pc bonus out. Allen, Steve Steve Allen. Swingin' My Way Click here College.

Ferguson, Maynard Maynard Ferguson Orchestra. Duval, Jose Jose Duval. Kealoha, William William Kealoha Orchestra. Herman, Woody Woody Herman Sextet. Basie Swings, Bennett Sings. Wattles, Bud Bud Wattles Orchestra.

Glenn, Tyree Tyree Glenn with Strings. Carr, Cathy Cathy Carr. Hawkins, Ronnie Ronnie Hawkins. Reisman, Roulette ball name Joe Reisman. Shepherd, Bill Bill Shepherd Orchestra. Wyatt, Bob Bob Wyatt. Murphy, Turk Turk Murphy. Phillips, Anne Anne Phillips. Teagarden, Jack Jack Teagarden.

Randall, Chico Chico Randall. Gold, Ernest Ernest Gold. Marowitz, Sam Sam Marowitz. Fredericks, Marc Marc Fredericks and Orchestra. Once More with Feeling. Eckstine, Billy Billy Eckstine. Bass, Kenny Kenny Bass. Heartbeats, The The Heartbeats. Caiola, Al Al Caiola. Gale, Alan Alan Gale. Bonano, Sharkey Sharkey Bonano. Ross, Jack Jack Ross Quartet. Durante, Jimmy Jimmy Durante. Lerner, Al Al Lerner. Monte, Lou Lou Monte. Maltby, Richard Richard Maltby. Kelly, Emmett Emmett Kelly.

Kealoha, William William Kealoha. Stafford, Wanda Wanda Stafford. Jones, Joe Joe Jones. Cooley, Spade Spade Cooley. Linsey, Mort Mort Linsey. Osborne, Tony Tony Osborne Orchestra. Restum, Willie Willie Roulette ball name. Adamo, Rudy Rudy Adamo. Dana, Bill Bill Dana. Stuarti, Enzo Enzo Stuarti. Joey Dee and the Starliters.

Know the different "inside" bets. In roulette, you have to anticipate the number or type of pocket on which the ivory ball is going to land. To do this, there are a.

A Cheval - French for the Split Bet. Action - The amount of roulette ball name wagered over a given period of time. Used as a basis for judging comps. Action Player - A player who bets big and for long periods of time. Can be a euphemism for stupid player. American Wheel - Roulette wheel that has 0 and 00 pockets and a number sequence of clockwise starting with roulette ball name Originally, the double-zero wheel started in Europe and the single-zero wheel started in America.

But, Europeans liked the single-zero wheel better, and Americans liked the double-zero wheel better so they switched. Today, the Roulette ball name wheel and double-zero wheel are synonymous. Backtrack - The outer, stationary rim of the roulette wheel where the ball is spun.

Also called the ball-track. Ball-Track - The outer, stationary rim of the roulette wheel where the ball is spun. Also called the backtrack. Bankroll - The total amount of money a gambler sets aside to gamble with.

Biased Wheel - A roulette wheel that has an imperfection that causes certain numbers or sections of numbers to appear at a higher frequency than probability allows for.

Big Number - Roulette ball name number that has hit more than its theoretical average. Long-term "Big Numbers" may be indicative of a Biased Wheel. Such numbers are then known as " Biased Numbers ". Black Bet - A wager that the color of the next number will be black.

Bottom Track - The slanting, stationary, inner area of roulette ball name article source wheel down which the ball slides before bouncing onto the wheel head and into a pocket.

Cage - A booth or room where the casino cashier resides. Here, you can exchange chips for cash or vice versacashout coins, place front money, etc. It is called a cage because it is usually enclosed by bars. Cancellation Betting System - A betting system using a series of numbers that cancels numbers after winning a bet and adds numbers after losing a bet. Capping a Bet - Illegally adding more chips to a bet that has already won. It is a form of Past Posting.

Carre - French term for the Corner Bet. Casino Advantage - The click to see more, usually shown as a percentage, that the house has over the roulette ball name. Also called House Edge or Vig. Casino Host - The person responsible for seeing that high rollers are treated with the dignity and graciousness their wallets merit. Casino Manager - The person responsible for seeing that the games of a given casino are handled properly.

Chameleon Strategy - Looking for players who have been winning and then mimicking their betting patterns in the hope roulette ball name they will continue to be lucky, have found biased wheels, or are visual wheel trackers. Chasing Losses - Increasing your bets in order to recoup what you've lost. Not a good way to play. Check Rack - The tray that hold the chips for a game.

Also, known as a chip rack or chip tray. Checks - Another name for chips. Typically, this name is used only by casino operators roulette ball name employees, and using it may draw undue suspicion to yourself, especially if you are winning.

Choppy Game - A game where neither the player nor the house has been winning consistently. Or, a game where no discernible streaks nor patterns have been appearing. See those terms defined separately in this document. Color Up - To exchange smaller denomination chips for larger denomination chips at a table. Colonne - The French term for Column Bet. Column Bet - A bet on one of the columns of 12 numbers on the layout. Combination Bet - A bet with one chip or more chips on two or more numbers.

Comp - Casino "freebies" that are roulette ball name out for certain levels of betting. Basically, the more money you give them, the more "free things" they'll give you. Corner Bet - A bet that four numbers in a given segment of the layout will win. Also known as a Square Bet or a Quarter Bet. Roulette ball name Line - The amount of credit a player is allowed by a given casino. Credit Manager - The person in charge of determining casino credit for the player.

Crew - Personnel who man a game. Crossroader - A casino roulette ball name. Croupier - French term for roulette wheel operator or "dealer". Dead Table - A table that is manned and ready for action but has no players. Dealer - The casino employee roulette ball name canada options deposit bet365 the games offered. Derniere - A French term for last and refers to the last group of 12 numbers in the Dozen Bet.

Double-Up System of Betting - A betting system whereby bets are roulette ball name after a loss in hopes of recouping the previous loss. Douzaine - French term for the Dozen Bet.

Dozen Bet - A bet on one of the sequences of 12 numbers on real money casino iphone apps layout. Drop - The casino term for the total amount of money and markers wagered at the tables. Drop Box - A box where money is dropped after the player cashes into a game and receives his chips. The box is usually located under the table.

Dumping - A casino table that is losing money to the players. Edge - Having the advantage in a game. En Plein - French term for the Straight-up Bet. En Prison - French term for the favorable option offered at some single-zero roulette tables. The player doesn't lose his even-money bets if the zero shows.

Instead the bet is locked up imprisoned for another spin. If the bet wins, it is returned fully. If the bet loses, the house collects it. European Wheel - Roulette wheel that roulette ball name only a single zero 0 and a number sequence of clockwise starting with 0: Originally, the single-zero wheel started in America and the double-zero wheel started in Europe.

Today, the European wheel and single-zero wheel are synonymous. It is also known as the French Wheel. Even Bet - A wager that one of the even numbers will win real money bingo apps the next spin.

Even Money - A bet that pays off at one to one. Even Up - A bet that has no mathematical edge roulette ball name either side. In roulette, this can only come from wheel biases and croupier biases, as all layout bets have an unyielding house advantage.

Eye in the Sky roulette ball name The cameras, usually in bubbles, located throughout the casino that videotape the action. Fair Game - A game where neither the house nor the player has the edge.

Roulette is not roulette ball name Fair Game. Roulette ball name Betting System - A progressive betting system where each bet is a combination of the two previous numbers. Five-Number Bet - Can only roulette ball name made on the American Wheel source is a roulette ball name wager that 0, 00, 1, 2, or 3 will hit next.

The single worst bet in roulette, and is thus synonymous with Sucker Bet. Flat Bettor - A player who never varies the size of his bets, and bets the same amount each time. Floorman - Individual responsible for supervising serveral tables in the pit. Fluctuation in Probability - Numbers randomly appearing out of all proportion to their probability, usually only in the short-term.

A short sequence of repeating decisions. A mathematical term that means good or bad luck depending on whether the fluctuation is in your favor or not. French Wheel - Same as European Wheel. Front Money - Money previously deposited in the cage and used by the player to draw roulette ball name against. Gaffed Wheel - A wheel that has been rigged by either player or the casino. Gambling Stake - Amount of money reserved for gambling. Same thing as Bankroll.

George - A good tipper. Gland Martingale - Tongue in cheek name for a limited Martingale System of two steps after a predetermined number of even-money decisions has occurred. Not roulette ball name be confused with Grand Martingale. Golden Numbers - Numbers mobile casino bonus have hit out of all proportion to their probability.

That's why you NEVER WIN in Roulette!

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