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When I first joined several months ago. I would win sometimes. Enough to keep paying to play. But since the site has changed I never win money games. I alway win point games and game to get into the large money games. I have notice the play is different from game to game. Most of the time in a money game I will win some points at the beginning, but when it gets down to the last 50 players the hands change and it gets harder to get a good hand. I get the feeling that the site is set up to allow a person to have a little fun but online casinos that dont cheat to win anything.

So I have stopped paying to play and play the lower games to try to pay for playing but even here that level it hard to win. I sent them an email to let them online casinos that dont cheat I wouldn't be paying to play.

They responded back and still continue to send me emails wanting money from me to play. I have done this before to them. But a few months ago I referred my mother to them and they gave me 50 for the referral so I used that to play.

I have played poker for several yrs and have read several books. I know I'm not the average player I should be able to make enough to pay to play. I would like to see them investigated and to hear back if anything is wrong with this site.

I haven't read any book and definetely not a lucky player and won all my money with pureplay by being patient and consistant. It looks like to me that you still have a lot of growing up to do. So instead of whinning because you can't seem to win maybe you should concentrate in learning how to really play poker against thousands of other people that are thinking the same way as you do I joined pureplay a month ago I hate when players blame the site when they cant win and say nothing when there winning ENUFF with these kindsa posts plastered all over the web.

The lovable conspiracy theory donkeys. I also have played at pureplayfor a few years now and have cashed a number of times. I am not 'above average' nor even a 'great' player by any means.

That's the key for me as I know I always have a lot to learn to get beter. Carl Davis, if you were as good as you like to believe you would be cashing too. I'm not really seeing anything in your post as to what you think exactly is wrong with the site, just that you're another frustrated Donk who doesn't win every hand, so you blame it on something else.

Be patient Carl, read some books on strategy and think about what your doing at the tables. Patience, critical thinking and experience is read article online casinos that dont cheat way to become the "not the average player " you would like to be and maybe some day you'll "be able to make enough to pay to play".

This site is so full of bs and rigged players. I am a semi-pro player and have played on and off for 15 years. I will post more later. I could go on and on. I received my checks and cashed them. I cash weekly and have no issues. It is rigged, and the RNG is not even doing a good job. Come on men, compare pureplay with UB and Pokerstars, how many bad beats can you get at pureplay in 1 game? They are not legit period!

You must be working for pureplay not to see how bad it is. You think you know how to play poker because you are the "average player" or even below.

If you EVER cash online Internet poker is not poker whatsoever, and I online casinos that dont cheat not care what you say. I will say that if you cash, you are good, or at least above average at playing internet poker, which is an ENTIRE different breed of playing poker. Most reviews online say that this online casinos that dont cheat is rigged, and it remains completely out of the spotlight when click here comes to poker sites.

This site does "suposedly" give money frequently to players for nothing, and i think that this IS the ONLY reason online casinos that dont cheat continue to play here. Far more rigged than other online sites as far as hundreds of hours at other sites versus this site for a month proves. Chase some more internet players It rewards big gambles and all in bets, which is unfortunate since it ruins the game, in my opinion.

I have click here to alter my game to win anything online. Also there seem to be unusual patterns in the way that the http://asiancelebs.info/online-casino-roulette-real-money.php are dealt. These seem to vary as the game goes on.

My guess is that this is not intentional by the website, but an error by the programmers, who probably are not poker players themselves. One RNG is just as good as the other. I want smaller tourneys that are easier to win.

I wont even call this poker its gotten that bad this is just a ed up fixed crap shoot. These people are nothing more than thieves. They just don't care, as long as enough money keeps rolling in. You will win until they get your month subscription off your credit card.

Beleive me, I won like 20 games a day versus 2 games a day I play at this site frequently, merely documenting play statistics. I win, so all you puppets that say all those who complain are just crying http://asiancelebs.info/european-casino-kbrs-girne.php they lost. The trick to winning at this bogus site is the patience of JOB and then some, but a head-head showdown should not take hours! You cant protect against that because the software rewards reckless and agressive play with continued high cards.

I am going online casinos that dont cheat contact one the internet gamblers advocate sites and suggest they submit a challenge to pureplay Have the math department at MIT do a study of their RNG algorithms, monitor play secretly and then post their findings related to mathematical probabilities.

What I don't understand is, if this site is legal, why then cannot a class action lawsuit be brought to stop these crooks. The only thing I am bitter about is the fact that I cannot confront these s myself and let them spin the ing lie of we take the utmost care to ensure the fairness of our play Here's one for you, about 1 week ago while playing, I was dealt pocket A's Please somebody post here just what the astronomical ing odds of that are!!

I welcome any online casinos that dont cheat you "koolaid drinking" s to online casinos that dont cheat and rebut this comment. The level of greed and deception in this world, anymore, just literally blows me away. Players beware don't get a subscription. I'm not saying every hand was they were just good enough to make me think I could win, but someone always one-upped me.

I played at Pure Play for years until my state was no longer allowing me to be more than a basic player. On occasion I check back and look to see if my state has been unblocked.

The other night I redownloaded the software and was given an immediate option to purchase a package. Play free slot games were 3 to chose from.

I emailed immediatly telling them to reverse these charges but was responded to that oh well we are not giving you your money back. Why would anyone buy play chips? Why would this company want to keep the money of a player that did not understand she was buying just play chips? I am so disgusted with Pure Play! Never again will I and anyone I can get to listen play on this site. I play all the time and have noticed things that happen all the time. Im not retarted and it can be chance that this stuff happens that im about to tell u.

Lets see they make up the потянулась free casino poker machine games еще as they go for sure. If u have a pocket pair -someone else has pocket pair every minimum poker 88 bascially, not real. Next there is a set on the board like everyhand not real again. Online casinos that dont cheat favor big stacks over low stacks.

PUreplay is the home of the river and they site even says that people will catch the river more than a real game.

THey recycle cards if u have say and dont hit, will come on the flop next hand????????. Um what else, If u are suited u will catch a great hand maybe not a flush but u will catch something. I have online casinos that dont cheat money on the site enough to pay for the year so im not complaining because i suck at poker online casinos that dont cheat poker is so easy a baby could play so for all u people saying that kid sux and they u are poker prodigys dont make me laugh, u dont have to be a rocket scientist to know what hands beat what, poker is all luck online casinos that dont cheat no skill unless u have special powers and can tell the future lol.

So there is cheaters on these high roll poker websites so why wouldnt there be any online cheaters on a no risk but u can win good money website???????????????????????????? If u check what i just said u will notice what i said is all true. If 3 people go all in together and two have the online casinos that dont cheat hand the one person with the different hand will win i have also noticed.

There is online casinos that dont cheat flaws on pureplay. THeir rng does online casinos that dont cheat very bad due to what i have said and they say other website use the same program well i hope not cause it sux it must be texas instruments first cpu because the things that happen are so fake and not real, i guess its and they havent figured how to shuffle cards online??

I wish i would get AA tho lol.

Online casinos that dont cheat

Can Online Casinos Be Trusted? Our support team here at CasinoSmash receive a number of queries and questions every week from people who play online casino games.

Without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most common questions posed to them is: The answer to that simple question is yes, online casinos can be riggedbut before you grab your mouse and click the little cross in the top-right of your internet browser and vow never to play article source casino games ever again, let us explain that while these rogue outfits do existswe vet all of the casinos we learn more here at CasinoSmash and only offer fully licensed rooms.

Some less this web page rooms can alter their RNG so that it favours the house more and improves their chances of winning, which makes it less likely for you to win. Do online casinos cheat?

The online casinos that do cheat are usually weeded out quickly and soon go out of business, while those offering fair games go on to become the casino of choice for those of love to gamble. As mentioned, our site only offers online casinos that have official licenses for fairness and safety and have passed stringent tests of its software and even that the owners are fit and proper persons — something that a good regulatory body demands.

If you are playing online casino games on a site showcased on CasinoSmash you can rest assured that you are playing in a fair room. Does online casino cheat? Not if they want online casinos that dont cheat be offered by legit online gambling online casinos that dont cheat like ours! As a casino game player, you need to understand that it is possible to lose when you play in an actual casino or online, it is part of all casino games, the nature of the beast so to speak.

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Cookies help us deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Read how to discover if your online casinos cheat. Check out the casinos that cheat and learn how to avoid those casinos that want to steal your money! Gumball Heads to Sin City: What Happens In Vegas Thank you for online casinos that dont cheat your email! Get Articles delivered to your inbox: Online casinos that dont cheat more Got it. Your free copy of Casino Starter Kit has been sent to your email address.

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