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Casino - Wikipedia 6 Jackpot City Online Casino. A casino is a facility which houses and accommodates certain types of gambling activities. The industry that deals in.

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Jackpot city wikipedia

What is now Mega Millions initially jackpot city wikipedia offered in six states; the logo for all versions of the game following the retiring of the The Big Game name featured a gold-colored ball with six stars to represent the jackpot city wikipedia initial membership.

The jackpot increases when there is no top-prize winner [1] see below for information on how the Mega Millions jackpot is funded. Reflecting common practice among American jackpot city wikipediathe jackpot is advertised as a nominal value of annual installments.

A cash value option the usual choicewhen chosen by a jackpot winner, pays the approximate present value of the installments. Mega Millions' previous format began on October 19, ; its first drawing was three days later. The Megaplier was made available to all Mega Millions jurisdictions in January ; it began as an option available only in Texas. Mega Millions is drawn at 11 p. Eastern Time on Tuesday and Friday evenings, jackpot city wikipedia holidays.

The October 28, Mega Millions' format change resulted in the game's first price increase: The expansion occurred on January 31,jackpot city wikipedia 23 Powerball members began selling Mega Millions tickets for their first drawing on February 2, ; likewise, 10 Mega Millions members began selling Powerball tickets for their first drawing the next day.

Montana joining Mega Millions jackpot city wikipedia March 1, was the first jurisdiction to add either game after the cross-sell expansion. Puerto Rico, whose lottery began in the s, currently does not offer Mega Millions.

Before the agreement, the only stores which sold Mega Millions and Powerball tickets were retailers whose business was on a border between jurisdictions which sold competing games. The current Mega Millions format began in October ; the game will use a different double matrix as of October Kyle of the Virginia Lottery. The Big Game initially was drawn weekly, on Friday. The Georgia Lottery was a member of MUSL at the time and wanted to sell both games for the remainder of ; however, within a few days, Georgia was forcibly removed from MUSL, jackpot city wikipedia with the jackpot city wikipedia expansion.

Beginning in Januaryjackpot winners were given the option to receive their prize in cash. The Mega Millions trademark is owned by the Illinois Lottery. The first three lotteries to join Mega Millions were Washington in SeptemberTexas in and California in ; California was the last addition to Mega Millions before the cross-sell expansion of Montana joined Mega Millions on March jackpot city wikipedia,the first addition to Mega Millions after the cross-sell expansion.

When Texas joined Mega Millions init began offering an option, initially available only to Texas Lottery players, known as the Megaplierwhich was similar to the then-current version of Powerball's Power Play.

The 11 Mega Millions lotteries without Megaplier on the January 31, cross-selling date gradually added the multiplier option; by Januaryall Mega Millions lotteries, except for California, offered the Megaplier.

The Texas Lottery owns the trademark to Megaplier. On June 24,to commemorate California joining Mega Millions, that night's drawing was held in Hollywoodwith Carrie Underwood assisting host Glenn Burns for the draw.

The jackpot was shared by two tickets, both matching the numbers of and Mega Ball The Jackpot city wikipedia Jersey Lottery, among jackpot city wikipedia, in early announced it would jackpot city wikipedia permission to sell Powerball tickets alongside Mega Millions.

On the same day, 10 existing Mega Millions-participating lotteries began selling Powerball tickets. Ohio joined Powerball on April 16, Nebraska became the 37th Mega Millions participating member on March 20,followed by Oregon as the 38th member on March 28, Arizona as the 39th member on April 18, and Maine as 40th Mega Millions participant on May 9, Colorado and South Dakota added Mega Millions on May 16,bringing the total to 42 jurisdictions.

The most recent additions to Mega Millions were the Jackpot city wikipedia. Virgin Islandsin Octoberand Louisiana in November Florida joined Mega Millions on May 15, ; the first drawing to include Florida-bought tickets was two days later.

Presumably due to their experience with the Power Play option for Powerball, all 23 lotteries joining Mega Click to see more on January 31, immediately jackpot city wikipedia Megaplier to their players.

The Megaplier continues to be drawn by Texas Lottery computers, as California does not offer the multiplier. Montana, offering Powerball before the expansion date, became the 24th lottery to jackpot city wikipedia the Megaplier, followed by Nebraska the 25thOregon the 26thArizona as the 27th and Maine as the 28th lottery to offer the Megaplier option.

After Colorado and South Dakota joined Mega Millions, this raised the jackpot city wikipedia of lotteries offering the Megaplier to On March 13,New Jersey became the first Mega Millions participant just before the cross-sell expansion to produce a jackpot-winning ticket for Powerball after joining that game. The price increase for playing Powerball was a major factor in Louisiana deciding to pursue joining Mega Millions, as that state's Николь online casino sicher gewinnen первым joined Mega Millions on November 16, Players now choose 5 of 75 white ball numbers, and the "Gold Ball" number out of Payouts in California remained pari-mutuel.

The odds jackpot city wikipedia winning or sharing a Mega Millions jackpot version: The overall odds of winning a prize were 1 in The annuity -- which was 20 annual payments no cash option was available when The Big Game began -- changed from 26 equal yearly jackpot city wikipedia to 30 graduated annual payments increasing 5 percent yearly jackpot city wikipedia the format change on October 19, The "Megaplier" option which again is not offered in California was retained, with an adjustment to its multipliers.

The new prize structure allocates roughly 75 percent of the prize pool for the jackpot; this is, in part, to facilitate the new Just the Jackpot option. The version allocated about 68 percent towards the jackpot. A player choosing this option is not eligible for any of the eight lower-tier prizes; therefore, the Megaplier option is not available for Just the Jackpot wagers. Jackpot city wikipedia lotteries offered the "Just the Jackpot city wikipedia option upon the format change: Not known is whether a second series of playslips would be printed for lotteries offering "Just the Jackpot" beginning after the October 28, format change.

Most participating lotteries' wagers are terminal-generated; however, "Just the Jackpot" wagers in Kansas allow the player to choose their numbers, while Wisconsin players must ask for a terminal-generated ticket. Two winning tickets, one each from California and Georgia, were sold.

The holder of the California jackpot city wikipedia claimed on January 3, The California ticket holder received an equal share, but potentially a larger cash-option amount, as California lottery winnings are exempt from state income tax.

One ticket jackpot city wikipedia Indiana won the jackpot; the winner chose the cash option. The holders of each ticket also chose jackpot city wikipedia cash option. Two drawing machines are used in each Mega Millions drawing. The balls are moved around by means of counter-rotating http://asiancelebs.info/mobile-casino-go-wild.php which randomly mix the balls.

Individually, the five white balls, several seconds apart, drop through a hole in the bottom of the mixing drum. Mega Millions players, in 45 of its 46 jurisdictions, have the option to activate a multipliercalled Megaplier ; it is functionally similar to Powerball's Power Play. Neither Megaplier nor Power Play are offered in California because its state penal code distinguishes jackpot city wikipedia a "lottery" in which the bank cannot be "broken", and a "banked game" whose bank theoretically could be broken ; only a "lottery" was authorized by the state Lottery Act.

The Megaplier is drawn by the Texas Lottery before the cross-sell expansion on January 31,it was the only lottery to offer Megaplier jackpot city wikipedia, which is drawn by a random number generator RNG. Megaplier differs from This web page Play in that the odds jackpot city wikipedia each Megaplier possibility are not uniform.

Former Mega Jackpot city wikipedia odds October 19, October 27, The probability and odds can be taken into a mathematical perspective: The probability of winning the jackpot through October 27, was 1: Similarly, the odds for second prize are 1: The overall probability of winning any prize was 1 in If there are no jackpot winners for a specific drawing, the jackpot will keep increasing, however, the top online gambling games will still remain the same.

In California, prize levels are paid on a parimutuel basis, rather than the fixed lower-tier amounts for winners in other Mega Millions jurisdictions. California's eight lower-tier Mega Millions prize pools are separate from those shared by the other 45 lotteries.

In Georgia, New Jersey and Texasplayers must jackpot city wikipedia, in advance, whether they wish to collect a jackpot in cash or annuity. Georgia and New Jersey winners can change an annuity ticket to cash should they be eligible for a jackpot share; however, the choice is binding in Texas.

If a jackpot prize is not claimed within the respective jurisdiction's time limit, each of the 46 Mega Millions members get back the money they contributed to that jackpot. Мы, monarchs mobile casino Все of the 46 lotteries have rules in regards to unclaimed prizes; most Mega Millions members set aside unclaimed winnings for educational purposes. Mega Millions winners have either days California non-jackpot prizes only or one year to claim prizes, including the jackpot although some Mega Millions winners lose the right jackpot city wikipedia collect a jackpot in cash if they wait more than jackpot city wikipedia days after the drawing.

The minimum age to purchase a Mega Millions ticket is 18, except in ArizonaIowa and Louisianawhere the minimum is 21, and Nebraska ; its minimum is jackpot city wikipedia Generally an exception is Virginiaminors can win on tickets received as gifts; the rules according to each Mega Millions member vary for minors receiving prizes. Rules vary according to the applicable laws and regulations in the jurisdiction where the ticket is sold, and the winner's residence e.

On the other jackpot city wikipedia, some residents of New York City and Yonkers, New York pay three levels of income tax, as these cities jackpot city wikipedia income taxes. Currently, most drawings are emceed by the full-time host of Georgia Lottery drawings, John Crow, with Brian Hooker the main substitute host. Before January 31,Mega Millions was the only multi-jurisdictional lottery whose drawings were carried nationally, instead of airing only on stations in participating jurisdictions.

WGN serves as a default carrier of both major games where no local television station carries either multi-jurisdictional lottery's drawings. In the aftermath of the attack on the World Trade Jackpot city wikipedia on September 11,the legislature in Albanyfearing a monumental loss of revenue, passed legislation the following month, which was signed by then-Gov.

George Patakiwhich included joining a multi-jurisdictional lottery game. Around the same time, for entirely different reasons, Ohio's governor also gave the green light to joining a multi-jurisdictional game.

Both lotteries jackpot city wikipedia to join the then- The Big Gamewhich, at the time, was offered in seven states.

The added populations of the two new jurisdictions, in turn, led to a larger double matrix. Except for the cross-selling expansion, jackpot city wikipedia was the only time The Big Game or Mega Millions simultaneously added more than one member.

InMega Millions was the target of a mailing scam. A letter bearing the Mega Millions logo was used in a string of lottery scams designed to trick people into providing personal financial information by cashing bogus checks. The letter, which had been sent to people in several states via standard mail, included a check for what the scammers said was an unclaimed Mega Millions prize.

If the check was cashed, it bounced, but not before the jackpot city wikipedia stamped it with a routing number and personal account information and sent it back to the fraudulent organization, providing them with the recipients' financial information. A budget impasse due to the New Jersey Government shutdown led to the temporary closing of its non-essential agencies on July 1, Not only were New Jersey's in-house games such as Pick-6 not drawn for about a week, but all New Jersey lottery terminals were shut down, meaning Mega Millions could not be played in New Jersey, even though Mega Jackpot city wikipedia was drawn as usual.

A similar shutdown happened in Minnesota on July 1, Elecia Battle jackpot city wikipedia national headlines in January when she claimed that she had lost the winning ticket in the December 30, Mega Millions drawing. Several days later, when confronted with contradictory evidence, she admitted that she had lied.

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